Folks Insurance Group is dedicated to the highest level of professionalism

About Folks Insurance Group

Folks Insurance Group is dedicated to the highest level of professionalism and integrity in the sales and service of products designed to protect the assets of both the business and individual community.

James M. Folks, Jr. founded Folks Insurance Group in Sayville, Long Island, NY in 2001 with a simple belief: all too often in the insurance industry the needs of the client are lost within the "big business agenda." Under Jim’s direction, Folks Insurance Group takes pride in providing superior customer service by putting beliefs into action and building a relationship with every client they serve.

Despite opening their doors during a tumultuous time for the insurance industry and the world at large, Folks Insurance Group has written millions of dollars of premiums. Maximizing the benefits of insurance to enable you to feel secure in both your home and business life, Folks Insurance Group offers a wide variety of insurance products. The staff at Folks provides its customers with the best information available for both their commercial and personal insurance needs by taking the time to learn about each customer and identify the best steps toward ensuring that their home, life or business assets are protected.

Folks Insurance Group, a Distinct Advantage

Folks Insurance is an Independent Insurance Agency and has access to the best national and local carriers, giving it a distinct advantage over retail agents. This gives us the flexibility to offer a broader range of options at highly competitive prices. You get a personally tailored plan to suit your needs and budget. It is truly a win-win proposition.

We offer unparalleled and unbiased advocacy to our customers, from quote through claims. As your needs and your life changes, you can switch coverage, and companies if necessary with one phone call. Being a one-stop shop saves our clients time and money.



Dear Members:

Hope all is well with everyone. I felt it necessary, as a member of the NY Association of Cemeteries, to share a recent very positive experience I had, hoping it might be of help to you as well. I let a guy named Jim Folks take a chance at quoting my insurance after he strongly pursued me, and he ended up saving me more than 30%, while actually providing me superior coverages. I have since gotten to know him pretty well, and can not speak highly enough about who he is as a professional and true gentlemen. Jim founded his own insurance company a while back Because his father was, and brother is, in the death services industry as funeral directors, Jim has always had an understanding of our class of business.
If you are like me, you know insurance is necessary, but it's a little painful to know how much it can cost, especially since we hope we will never need to call upon it.
It softens the blow to actually connect with someone who actually provides a lower cost, better policy, and overall, nice person who cares to call and take care of any claim that you might have.
I know many of you might skim this letter, perhaps throw it out, but I hope some might reach out to Jim at Folks Insurance Group at 631.589.5100. They are located in Sayville; quite a nice building Jim owns. Give me a call if you're on the fence and want to know any more about my experience or the process. I feel like it's my duty to share with fellow members and hopefully help you with your business.

Steve Scerri
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery Association



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